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Exchange students Bachelor and Master

Are you studying at one of our partner universities and interested in a semester of exchange to our department in Idar-Oberstein? 
Here is how to apply for an exchange!

The application consists of 2 steps:

STEP 1:  Aptitude test - checking your artistic qualification:

you have to submit the following documents via the online form below:

  1. a recent CV (preferably as PDF),
  2. your portfolio (preferably as PDF),
  3. the transcript of records (preferably as PDF),
  4. a letter of motivation on your choice of Idar-Oberstein for your exchange semester (max. 1 DinA4 - preferably as PDF).
  5. Initiates file downloadErasmus+ Application_Form
  6. Initiates file downloadErasmus+ Learning_Agreement
  7. a copy of your passport

Put all 7 documents in a .ZIP-file and name the file with your name (like: and upload it by for instance
Make sure to copy/paste the link provided by the upload service in the application form below.

Deadlines of application:

  • 1st of December for the following summer semester (1st Mar. - 31st Aug.)
  • 1st of June for the following winter semester (1st Sep. - 28th Feb.)

Within 2 weeks after the deadline, you will receive the result of the assessment of your application.
If you get "Notice of Acceptance" as exchange student, please continue with:

STEP 2: Registration as exchange student:

After receiving Notice of Acceptance from our department, you need to register as a student. Your Notice of Acceptance will hold all information how to do this.


So, first prepare your documents for STEP 1, upload them, supply the data required in the online application form below ...
looking forward to your application!
You will hear from us soon and hopefully you can proceed to STEP 2!

Application form for an exchange semester in Idar-Oberstein

personal & contact data

institutional data

your application documents

(uploaded previously via filedropper)

filled out all fields?
(double)checked everything???
Theo Smeets, 30. August 2017