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University location Idar-Oberstein

Distinguished design

Idar-Oberstein, the city of gemstones is well known beyond Germany’s borders and has an old tradition in cutting gemstones and manufacturing jewelry. The university offers a unique curriculum in Germany:

Gemstone and Jewelry Design

Craftsmanship and expertise are taught in order to enable the students to independently apply scientific knowledge and methods as well as artistic skills.  The goal is the realization of an overall concept for jewelry and object design. To achieve this goal, interdisciplinary methods are applied. Including the studies plastic, CAD, design management and picture communication as well as general and specific scientific studies provides training in multidisciplinary, artistic and applicable knowledge and skills. These are mandatory prerequisites to develop an intense comprehension of ones own doings and contribute to the ability to follow new paths.  

Due to our innovative designers at the university’s location in Idar-Oberstein, we have gained a unique reputation in Germany in the field of jewelry design.


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