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M.F.A. application

Master of Fine Arts: "How to apply" in three steps


1.     Aptitude test - checking your artistic qualification:

The first step to your application is to submit a zip-file with the following 6 documents as PDF:

  1. A filled-outInitiates file download application form for the aptitude test,
  2. your complete educational background in a recent CV,
  3. A portfolio. (see the Opens internal link in new windowHOW-TO),
  4. A project proposal. The project proposal is an important part of your application and has to be presented on a minimum of two and a maximum of five DIN-A4 papers, describing the project you would like to realize during your MA course. The content and procedure of this project are to be presented in your project proposal  (the project proposal should mainly be on what you would like to do and be: your goals, aims and in which directions your professional wishes might take you - also beyond the MFA in IO. explain us about the development of abilities, why these are important to you and where your „dreams“ will take you…! so - please do not focus on the result of the masterprogramm in the sense of a body/series of works.)
  5. a letter of motivation on your choice of Idar-Oberstein for your future studies.
  6. a copy of your ID or passport

Send these 6 PDFs packed in 1 ZIP-file ( per upload/download
(for instance per or
 Opens window for sending emailhub(at)

Your application will be checked on its artistic and professional quality.

If your documents prove to be inadequate, you will receive a negative reply.
If your documents prove to be qualified, you will be invited to the next step:


2.     Interview:

You will be invited for an interview (which could be in some cases via video conference). 
Here we will assess the portfolio and project proposal as well as your ability to communicate in English.

If your interview proves to be inadequate, you will receive a negative reply.
If your interview proves to be qualified, you will receive a certificate for the aptitude test and will be asked for:


3.      Elegibilty check and matriculation

You have passed the above steps 1 and 2 of the entrance examination? and received your "Certificate on passing the Qualification test for the M.F.A.-program Gemstone and Jewelry"?


In this 3rd step of the application process your eligibility will be checked - as part of the online matriculation.

please first read Opens external link in new windowthese informations to find out which documents and informations you need to prepare.
After that visit our Opens external link in new windowonline application platform for the MFA in Idar-Oberstein

29. April 2018

Application deadlines

Our M.F.A.-course starts 2x per year:
in March and September.
The application deadlines are:

  • 1st of November for the next summer semester (start of study in March)
  • 1st of May for the next winter semester (start of study in September)

MFA Application schedule

study service Idar-Oberstein

Heinz Hub

All application are handled directly by the study service at campus Idar-Oberstein.

If you have any questions on the study, how to apply or the status of your application, please get in contact with Heinz Hub: 0049 67 81 / 94 63 17 or send an e-mail to  Opens window for sending emailhub(at)