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... von exchange students

Edu Tarin SS ´11

Maarja Niinemägi SS ´11

Obsidian, Silber

Yuan-Ru Ni WS ´10/ ´11 (National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan)

"What is jewelry design? How do people design jewelry? I just wanted to find the answer, so I came to Idar-Oberstein. Everything in Idar-Oberstein is new to me. Not only different culture but also the mode of learning is a whole new experience to me. I enjoyed everything here a lot. However, I did not so good work on my learning in the first semester. The mode of learning here is totally different from Taiwan. Maybe it’s because I study Industrial design in Taiwan. I think the way of thinking is different between jewelry design and industrial design. I designed a product for people to improve their life, and here it seemed that I designed for myself and I could decide everything without any practical reasons. Then, I thought it was not enough for me to stay only one semester. In the second semester I tried to change myself, worked a lot and tried to express my opinion. Now my life of exchanging student ended, but I thought I learned a lot from different culture to learning attitude. I really broadened my horizon this year!!!"

Karolina Kulesza SS ´10 ( Academy of fine Arts, Gdansk, P)

True Colors, necklace, smokey quartz, citrin, and crystal quartz
ring, silver, onyx
3D sculpture

During my stay in Idar Oberstein I have made a necklace and a silver
ring. It was a very new experience as for the first time I was working
with silver and stones.
Our Jewellery Department is young and it is not as well equipped as
the studios here. Moreover  we mostly work with amber as a material. I came to Idar Oberstein, because I wanted to learn how to work with stones. Also
it was very exciting to get to know distinct and new attitudes to
jewellery design.

Renata Korpas SS ´10 ( Academy of fine Arts, Gdansk, P)

True colours-Black, brooch, stones,plastic strows,black paint
True colours-Black, brooch, stones,plastic strows,black paint
True colours-Black, brooch, stones,plastic strows,black paint

I'm interested in jewellery design and I wanted to make jewellery
with stones, which is a new material for me.
I was curious of how different jewellery design can be in another country and
spend my exchange in a city, where I could work in a calm environment.

Dalia Jurado, WS ´09/´10 (Escola Massana, Barcelona, ES)

Lilith 5, necklace, oxided alpaca and mokaaite
Lilith 6, brooch, oxided silver and mokaaite
Lilith 7, brooch, oxided silver

Lilith and the loves affairs 

I decided to work with stones to make my final project. I 'm very interested in the relationship between metal and stone. 

For this reason, I decided to look for a good place for indicate my work.

I'm from Barcelona and I studied in Massana School. The surrounding of the place where I work is very important for me.  

Stones.. it was my principal objective. Working with the stones is wet, strong, patient, incredible...

I learnt to understand myself  and the process of my work. 



Javier Rubio Rodrigo SS ´09 (Valencia)

"Virus" necklace 2008. Silber, sponge, onyx
"Virus" brooch. 2008. Silber, obsidian, sponge, steel
"Virus" ring. 2008. Silber, sponge, onyx

I came to Idar-Oberstein, because I like to with stones and I think that german design is very good. Another reason for being here is, to find other ways to work and meet interesting people. The most important differences for me are: Total availability of useing all the facilities and tools of the school. The strong support of the professors and teachers. The good working environment and competition with other students. Presentations of students works at the end of each semester in front of everyone in the school. After my exchange I felt fmore free in the design and use of materials. I think it's very positive to see the different ways that each student takes in his work and how these ways can be developed.

Andrea Durianova SS ´08 (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, SK)

"My worlds", object, silver
"My worlds", necklace, silver, brass
"My wolrlds", ring, copper

To study in Idar-Oberstein is different than in the most of universities. There's one department, and a small group of students and teachers. Sometimes it was very quiet place - good to concentrate and work. Professors were communicative and obliging persons.  I-O style of work is more sculpture than "classic" jewellery (for example at my school). There were very good  technical facilities. Cutting stones is hard work. It needs a lot of patience, but it's a privilege to do it and it's nice to try. 

Barbora Hainzova WS '07/'08 (Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, SK)

What is the happiness?

At the first when I asked me on this question I remembered of time in the past, when I really had feeling of the happiness. I found a lot of situations and experiences in my life what was so strong, exciting and unrecurring. I met with them when I was fall in love, when I was interested and fascinated by something, about what I still dreamed. I can say, that happiness is for me something like realized dream. It´s the moment, when I feel absolutely happy. On the other hand if my expecting breaks down, next I have a feeling of bad luck. I think the happiness as a very subjective impression is largely based on endeavour. It´s the endeavour, when you overrun oneself  and the feeling of the „victory“ is feeling of the happiness. I don´t say, that the happiness is possible to build like a house from cards, but if somebody has dreams, he has a targets too and try to achieve goal. It´s about suprises too. Sometimes it comes at the time, when you expect it the least.
    One of the concrete situation, when I have feeling of happines is for me dancing. Such a dynamic and impressive kind of dancing based on sport like is acrobatic Rock and Roll. It means freedom for me, excitement and litle bit an adrenalin.I remember I´m standing with my dance partner in the middle of  big dance floor in sport hall and we are going to start our contest formation. We are waiting face to face of hundreds curious viewers when a music will start play. On the beginning it´s little bit stressfull, because of fear I would fall down in some acrobatics or forget part of our formation. It´s final show and every step could be decisive. From all parts is heard noise and lights are shinning so strong that I´m not seeing to the faces of shouting viewers. In the hall is many coloured posters advertising sponsors and referees are seriously sitting behind their tables   At once the music started and now I know that dance floor is ours. The tense is so exciting and I´m feeling happy inside myself. Fully I´m enjoing a few seconds of maximal effort. The music died away and I´m standing in final pose tired out but with a very pleasure feelings. At the moment I feel like winner even if I know that a competition is too much high and I have very small chance to be a winner. Even If  I sit in auditorium and see the show like viewer already now, I feel with them and can imagine the beautiful „feeling of victory“…
At the beginning of this semester we went through  workshop , which showed and offered us different possibilities of jewellery design. In group of Jantje Fleischhut the first step was find three articles, which associated us our own happiness. It was for us inspiration´s key for finding interesting shapes and forms. Very important was to attend every details. On the next we was defining and describing our happines in worlds and tryed to transform to 2D form and next to 3D form. It was playing with our subjective feelings. I choosed plastic bottle of water, hairbrush and eye shadows. These three articles associated me my form of happiness – dancing and it became for me as a starting point. So that I could to materialize term happiness, I was finding material connections with this term. For me it was wood, associating me parquet of dancing floor, gum, what associated me flexibility of dancers or plexiglass of bright colours, which associated me dresses of dancers. So I had quite very wide material  selection and next step was to work up it. At the beginning I worked with sketchs, which was inspiration by chosen articles and in these materials I started to make components for next steps.I tryed to burn it, to heat, to melt, to cut, to colour, and to find some possibility of their elaboration. I was making „puzzle“ as a building elements, which I was going to use for making a compositions. Next I was assabling different compositions, which I liked and taking a pictures of  them. In Photoshop I was trying to find some connections between individual peaces and I was making computer sketchs. For me it was good to find way of connections without some damage of made peaces, but on the other hand it was very limited in space. In Photoshop I couldn´t work with plasticity. On consultation was told me, I should connect these components in real and work with volume. So I started to connect it with silver, but  finally the orriginal clear composition, which I made before in computer was changed and final product  lost  freedom. It was told me, I shouldn´t use silver only as a connecting material, but I should  work with that in harmony with composition. On the next I was trying to combine these materials more considerate. But tipical goldsmith´s connections with metal I already know, it would´t be bad to try something new. At firts I was little bit against of this idea, because why to do it more complicated, when I can do it easier…? In fact, the classical way wasn´t mabe so interesting and free for me, but on the other hand I was little bit afraid of change. But everything should to try and so I was thinking about new original connections. I staretd to use new material, which has simillar property like plexiglass and in addition it has better possibilities to make a volume with that. I could cut it, polish it and because of low temperature during drying  in oven  was possible  to directly combine with peaces from plexiglass or stones. Later I found it´s not so strong material and the forms are not so ideal. I didn´t know, what to do, because at the moment I had feeling that I haven´t other way. On the next consultation profesor told me,I should find some more free connections between components and next idea was I should take up my project of 3D subject and work with compression. He told me, I should  destroy my peaces and I would have new, mabe much more interesting bricks for building a new forms. In the first I though it´s joke, but if he gave me hammer into my hand, at the moment i knew, he think it seriosly. I liked the idea, because I didn´t have nothing to loose, so I destroyed mabe 50% of my work. During a short time I had table full of fragments – new bricks. Next step was to press everything together and to make completly new forms. So I used press, rolling machine, hammer and torch and compress everything together. I used tapes and my jewellery get completly new dimension. Then I started to cut it and separate parts I put together again. It was  like rekrystalization or moulding with clay.It opened me new possibilities. At the end I get new forms, which evoked me stone. Now I´m glad, I stayed by original idea and find for me satisfactory resolution.
As the same as in dancing, happiness means for me a long way to the end, which is full of falling, endeavour and sedulity and if you want to achieve it , after failure you must not to give over, but have to stand up and go on. Then you will gain victory of yourself, at the moment you can have feeling of happiness…

Sirja Knaapi WS '07/'08 (South Carelia Polytechnic - Lappeenranta, FI)

Sandra Savelli WS '07/'08 (Estonian Academy of Arts - Tallin, EE)

Rudee Tancharoen WS '07/08 (Alchimia - Firenze, IT)

brooch, iron wire, 18ct gold
brooch, iron wire, 18ct gold
object, iron wire

"Die Form Des Glücks"
The Form of The Happiness


"My Happiness; My Jewelry; Body's Object"

What is my happiness?
What is my jewelry?

There's a relation between happiness and body.
There's a relation between jewelry and body.

How happiness relates to body?

The happiness happens from inside the body.
Tiny at the beginning then grows bigger...and bigger
without definite direction and quantity.
Having a lot of happiness doesn't make the body heavy.
It makes one feels light instead.

In this work I would like to find other ways of communication with my jewelry.
How a piece of jewelry could be beyond a wearable sculpture,
or wearable painting.
Apart of the theme "Die Form Des Glück" / The Form of The Happiness
I pay attention especially on the relation between jewelry and human body.
I question to myself...

How the piece could relate to the body?
Think of body?
Vision of body?
Taste of body?
Smell of body?
Sound of body?
Touch of body?
Talk about body?


Why you came here?

I was impressed by the student's works exhibited in the Inhorgenta Fair 2007!

Differences between your school and our school?

It's hard to compare differences in the term of teaching because I was there only 3 months. 

One of the differences would be the studio and equipment. Your school has very well-equipped studio for different kind of work. The student have more opportunity to work with vary materials. 

Another difference is the opening time of the studio. At my school we were hardly allowed to stay longer than 6 pm but your school gives more freedom to student to work after the school's office hour. That was great.

Borrowing books. This is another difference. We have library but we were not allow to bring the book out of the library. It is much better to be able to borrow some books to read them at home (where there's no equipment to work on the piece). 

The location of the school also makes a big different. Florence gave me much more inspiration than Idar-Oberstein.


I was not success in stone neither cutting them or using them....I wrote something about my stone cutting experience in I-O in a little booklet I gave to the school.

How did it inspire your works afterwards?

Few months after I came back I finished a collection from the few pieces I've done there. 

It was good to learn the other school's assignment and to see how the others work.

It may not effect directly on my work at this moment but it was a good experience. 



Alison Jackson SS '07 (University of Australia - Canberra, AUS)

Amber Bennet-Rough SS '07 (University of Australia - Canberra, AUS)

Theo Smeets, 12. April 2012