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University location Trier

Planning for the future with tradition

In the 19th century, the University of Applied Sciences of Trier used to have two institutions in the middle of Trier, at the Paulusplatz and the Irminienfreihof, the School of Trade and the School of Arts. As early as 1830, the School of trade was dedicated to the education of architects and construction engineers. Our current department Design is based on the former School of Arts.

In 1971, when the University of Applied Sciences of Rhineland-Palatinate was founded those two schools were integrated into the new University of Applied Sciences of Rhineland-Palatinate as the department Trier. As a result of fast growing student numbers, the downtown locations were not sufficient anymore. At the start of winter semester 1978/80, the university moved to the campus at the Schneidershof above the roofs of Trier. Since 1996 the University of Applied Sciences of Trier is an independent university and has been growing to a  school with three locations in Trier, Birkenfeld and Idar-Oberstein focusing on the future.

For its 30th anniversary, in 2001, the “old” locations down-town Trier were getting revived – the fashion designers moved to the renovated premise at the Irminenfreihof. Additionally, after intense renovations, the Communication Design and Interior Architecture are once again located at the Paulusplatz.



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Foto Schneidershof
Foto Irminenfreihof
Foto Paulusplatz